Psalms 119:153 (GNB)
Look at my suffering, and save me, because I have not neglected your law.
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About Us

Because we care about the children of this community, our purpose is to provide a rich learning environment in a Christian setting of love and respect. It is designed to encourage young children to explore, discover and develop basic cognitive, physical, spiritual, and social skills appropriate to their individual levels of development. We are nationaly accredited! We have high quality playground equipment for the children, so they can play in a safe and fun environment.

Download a brochure about the preschool here.

Contact the Preschool at (785) 271-0913 with questions.


A Note From the Director

We believe that our preschool is an extension of your home and your teachings. While we provide a time for Bible stories and songs, we are not and cannot be your child's main center for religious training. We want to aid and support the family in the cultivation of your child's spiritual development. We teach the children about God's love by caring for one another in a loving and respectful manner. We hope you join us!


Patty Bullock, Preschool Director