1 Corinthians 6:12 (GNB)
Someone will say, "I am allowed to do anything." Yes; but not everything is good for you. I could say that I am allowed to do anything, but I am not going to let anything make me its slave.
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About Us


We are currently in the process of calling a new pastor.  Until the vacancy is filled, we have been blessed to have Interim Pastor Joe Jones lead our worship services, assist with Bible studies and Confirmation Classes as well as provide compassionate pastoral care to our members.

Interim Pastor:  Pastor Joe Jones

Deacons:  Bradley Hammel; Don Lumpe; Jerry Gaston
Lay Assistants: Beth Lange; Mary Hume

Parish Nurse:  Mary Hume

Parish Administrator:  Jayna Gaston

Preschool Director:  Patty Bullock (271-0913)

Bell Choir Director: Terri Good

Worship Coordinator & Lead Keyboardist: Donna Gradert

Send your feedback/comments about POP to: popeace@princeofpeacetopeka.org


2019-2020 Board Members

President:  Gabriel O'Shea
Vice-President:  Vacant
Secretary:   Diane Frownfelter
Treasurer: Glen Berry

Church Board of Children's Ministry: Laurie Fritz
Church Board of Christian Service: Sally Bosak
Church Board of Church Properties:  Jeff Romine
Church Board of Fellowship: Nikki and Dave Anderson
Church Board of Outreach:  Bill Kitchen
Church Board of Preschool: Eileen Lawless
Church Board of Stewardship: Brian Toby
Church Board of Youth: Kevin Grieves
Church Board of Spiritual Life:  Harlan Teske

Lay Leaders

Worship Volunteer Coordinators: Margaret Carreno; Linda BosakJayna Gaston
Altar Guild Coordinator: Sharon Bipes
ChristCare Equipper: Beth Lange
Doorstep Coordinator: Rita Lawrence 
Flower Coordinator: Neva Rose
Lambs of God: Darren Shults
LWML President: Linda Bosak
Usher Coordinator:  Open
Banner Team:  Calvert & Mary Meier
Coffee Coordinator: Rita Lawrence